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Capacity-building to integrate older persons in development goals and frameworks through the implementation of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing


Following the adoption of the International Plan of Action on Ageing at the Second World Assembly on Ageing in 2002, an interregional consultative meeting on national implementation of the Plan of Action identified major outstanding issues and obstacles to national implementation, produced strategy guidelines to mainstream ageing issues into national development agendas and contributed to the development of a framework for technical assistance at the national level. One of the key objectives of the Plan of Action is to promote a developmental approach to population ageing through the mainstreaming of older persons into international and national development plans and policies across all sectors.

It is envisaged that within the scope of the project, the exchange of experience and lessons learned among neighbouring countries could enhance and strengthen the implementation of the Madrid Plan of Action at the subregional level. Cross-regional sharing of experience could be further enhanced through a web-based mechanism hosted by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

The project will be implemented by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, in collaboration with regional commissions and HelpAge International.


To strengthen the capacity of Governments to integrate issues of ageing into national development policy formulation and programme planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Expected accomplishments:

  • Increased integration of ageing issues into policy formulation and programme planning, implementation and monitoring
  • Enhanced knowledge-sharing and capacity-building through the creation of a subregional team of trainers and established sustainable Internet-based networks
  • Sustained Internet-based subregional networks

Implementation status:

An Interregional Meeting was held in Bangkok from 28 November to 1 December 2006 in which all project countries participated with government and civil society representatives. In addition, a first draft of a toolkit to replicate methodologies and training materials in other countries was developed.

For more information is found on the website of United Nations Programme on Aging.