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Strengthening African national capacity to prepare MDG-consistent poverty reduction strategies


Progress toward reaching the targets of the Millenium Development Goals (MDG's) and especially the sub-goal of halving extreme poverty by 2015 has generally been slow across Africa, except in a few countries. Despite the strong improvement in per capita income growth, the average income of the poor has declined, indicating worsening income distribution within the countries. Similarly, the proportion of people living with insufficient food has declined by only 3 per cent since 1990, and hunger still prevails, especially in rural Africa.

The project aims to strengthen African capacity to prepare, implement, monitor and evaluate MDGs-consistent poverty-reduction strategies/national development plans.  It will do so by deepening policy and analytical research on poverty in Africa by African and non-African experts on MDGs-based planning. The project is consistent with ECA’s strategy on knowledge management and sharing which aims to fully integrate peer-learning and experience sharing among member States as critical components of a capacity building and capacity reinforcement programme. It will enable a stronger focus by the Commission on efforts to build capacity to reduce poverty and meet the targets of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by the target date through the preparation and implementation of MDGs-focused plans. Building on ECA’s strategic role as a policy knowledge hub in Africa, the project will further strengthen engagement among member States around specific policy issues related to poverty and the MDGs, facilitating thereby stronger links between governmental and non-governmental actors, promoting the exploitation of complementarities by linking national experts to various networks and centres of expertise, both within and outside Africa.


To strengthen the capacity of African countries to prepare MDG-consistent poverty reduction strategies.

Expected Accomplishments:

  • Heightened awareness of stakeholders, at the national and sub-national levels, of the challenges and opportunities for designing and implementing MDG-based poverty reduction strategies;  
  • Enhanced use of ICT (such as electronic roundtables and collaboration tools) for designing and implementing MDG-consistent poverty reduction strategies;
  •  Improved capacity of national PRS-MDG practitioners, including young professionals, to develop and implement MDG-consistent poverty reduction strategies.

Implementation Status:

Project implementation commenced in 2009.