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Capacity-building for promoting gender equality in the African countries


The Beijing Platform for Action called upon Governments to transform national machineries into central policy coordinating units to support gender mainstreaming in all government policies and programmes.

While the existing national gender mainstreaming machineries vary considerably in terms of mandates, location, composition and resources, they all face problems of marginalization of women's issues and programmes; no access to the national decision-making level; lack of information and statistical data as well as human and financial resources.

The project will facilitate the establishment of new national machineries through the elaboration of country-specific profiles; strengthen the capacity of existing national machineries and enhance their self-reliance in compliance with the recommendations of the Beijing Platform for Action through training and the elaboration of guidelines and manuals; increase the participation of women in policy-making bodies through career-advancement programmes, training in decision-making, leadership, administrative reform and management of change. This will facilitate women's upward mobility and advancement in national executive, legislative, judicial bodies and local administrations.


To enhance national machineries in Africa to ensure the advancement of women and the mainstreaming of the gender perspective, as well as to strengthen capacities of women in decision-making in the public sector

Expected accomplishments:

In compliance with the Beijing Platform for Action, existing national machinery for the advancement of women will be strengthened and new machinery established in three to five countries

Effects and Impact:

To date, the project has raised awareness of the challenges faced by national machineries in achieving gender equality in Africa, enhanced their capacity to use information and communication technologies to strengthen their programmes and knowledge management and developed or strengthened electronic-based networks for more efficient dissemination and access to information between national machineries in Africa. The project has developed awareness of the importance of involvement in regional and global ICT processes and enhanced the capacity of national machineries to play a more active role in the formulation and implementation of national policy on information and communication technologies. It has raised awareness of the World Summit on the Information Society process. Once the activities have been carried out, an e-based network of national machineries in Africa will be established.