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Capacity-building for decision-making in sustainable development


The organizational framework for and means of access to updated, accurate information on the social, economic and environmental characteristics of many developing countries is still limited, particularly in the context of sustainable development planning. Compounding this situation is the lack or insufficiency of exchange of information between and within institutions, which can lead to duplication of efforts, inefficiency in data collection and processing, and lack of access to information. Information services and communication technologies can be beneficial in reversing this situation, often ensuring a higher degree of co-ordination among the different public and private agents of development.

The implementation of the project will lead to the establishment and enhancement of institutional linkages and information flows between key sustainable development stakeholder organizations in Barbados and Maldives; strengthening of the subregional capacity in the Caribbean in the assessment and design of national information systems, and in the utilization of information systems, including the identification, formulation and implementation phases of a coordinated multi-purpose information system, consistent with the requirements of the national sustainable development strategy and objectives; setting-up a dynamic environmental, socio-economic information systems database in both Barbados and the Maldives; and creating two Websites where indicators and aggregated information on environment, population and social- and economic development related to SIDs activities can be shared.


To set up a sustainable development framework for South-South cooperation and small island developing States (SIDS), serving to draw up strategies responsive to the economic and environmental vulnerability of island States.

Expected accomplishments:

  • Identify and assess regional and country needs in information management systems for sustainable development. All other activities will flow from the priorities identified;
  • Develop core curriculum and materials for regional training of trainers;
  • Create a regional electronic site for accessing information on information management systems;
  • Develop a regional electronic network on information management systems; support pilot networks; manage and coordinate project activities.

Effects and Impact:

The project has been reprogrammed to focus on “Capacity-building in Creating Information Management Systems to Improve Decision-making for Sustainable Development for Caribbean Small Island Developing States,” after posting sub-par implementation rates. The reformulated project resulted in increased access and knowledge of integrated information management for sustainable development in pilot countries from the region. Project activities, which included the establishment of a website offering approaches to addressing IDSD, including references, materials, training and guidance on methodologies; networks, gateways and portals; data storage, inventories and metadata; geographic information systems; indicators and multi-criteria dimensions in decision-making, have together with a regional assessment report, a resource persons meeting and training workshop provided improved capacity in countries to address information management needs for sustainable development planning and monitoring.