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Development Account Projects

Activities for capacity-building in developing countries in pursuance of the objectives of Agenda 21, the Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development and the Programme of Action of the World Summit for Social Development, and the Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action


The Beijing Declaration and Platform of Action urge Governments to establish or strengthen appropriate national machineries for the advancement of women and to broaden women's participation and integrate gender analysis into policies and programmes. The project supports efforts of Member States to strengthen the capacity of national machinery for the advancement of women, enhance the use of new technologies by women, and support the increased role of women in leadership and public life, as recommended in the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.


To enhance the capacity of requesting developing countries to implement global programmes and platforms of action, especially follow-up to United Nations conferences.

Expected accomplishments:

  • Strengthened capacity of national and local mechanisms to collect, analyse and apply knowledge, information and expertise for the preparation of national sustainable development strategies, decision-making and national information processes in support of the implementation of chapters 8 and 40 of Agenda 21;
  • Strengthened national capacities to undertake programme design, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects in support of the goals of the World Summit for Social Development as expanded by the twenty-fourth special session of the General Assembly;

  • Strengthened national capacity for basic statistical development, particularly in the areas of environmental, social and gender statistics and better sharing of statistical information at the regional and global levels;

Strengthened national machinery for the advancement of women and an increased role for women in leadership and in public life

Effects and Impact:

The project provided effective support for strengthening the institutional capacity of national machineries for the advancement of women through policy dialogue, exchange of experiences, and hands-on training in the areas of poverty reduction strategies, microfinance policy and programmes, and the participation of women in peace processes. Other achievements include; the augmentation of the existing capacity of women at decision-making levels in national, sub-regional, and regional governments and NGOs; the creation of sub-regional informal internet-centric information networks; the identification of modalities for effectively engaging and involving grassroots women’s organisations; the development of a methodology for the replication of practices on either country or sub-regional levels, and; the enhancement of Member State reporting capacity on the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action as well as the Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000).

The implementation process of the project served to strengthen partnerships among UN departments and entities (DPKO, DPA, UNDP, UNHCR and UNIFEM) as well as between national governments, UN entities, and civil society organisations- in particular women NGOs working on conflict resolution and peace-building in Africa. Key success factors included the early involvement of stakeholders in the project as well as the accurate identification of institutions and individuals capable of multiplying the impact of project activity. Close collaboration with host governments enabled the project to access and utilize technical, human, and other resources available in the target developing countries.