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Strengthening capacity in the compilation of statistics and indicators for United Nations conferences, follow-up in the CARICOM region


The project seeks to strengthen the capacity of national and regional statistical offices to collect and analyse statistical information in support of policy development. It also aims to establish a network of experts in environment, social and gender statistics to foster south/south cooperation.

Expected accomplishments:

Activities envisaged cover three key areas: information technology, environment statistics and social and gender statistics.

Effects and Impact:

Regional and national institutional capacity building was fundamental to project implementation. Several Member States have organized national-level environment and social/gender statistics workshops or seminars, increased inter-agency collaboration, and published compendia of environmental statistics under the aegis of the project. IT equipment and training, and access to the Internet have enhanced national statistical offices staff productivity, quality of work outputs, and intra-regional networking capability. The CARICOM Secretariat has instituted also assumed an increasingly responsible role in the social and gender statistics and environment statistics related activities of the project in its regular work programme, while the Advisory Group has also continued to developed a programme for statistical development, which CARICOM Secretariat is seeking funding for. The World Bank had provided funding for one year to ensure continuity of activities implemented under this project. Both UNDP and the World Bank have expressed interest in the proposed programme and have considered funding some of its components.