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Activities for the implementation of Agenda 21


Agenda 21 called for by Governments to build and enhance national capacities to prepare sustainable development strategies and programmes for monitoring their implementation, improving information for decision-making, establishing national councils for sustainable development, and promoting greater participation of civil society groups.

Effects and Impact:

This project, through a diverse range of activities, provided assistance at regional and national levels to improve the consideration of sustainable development issues in government planning processes. Interventions included convening consultative meetings, providing expert assistance and supplying computer equipment. In particular, a regional consultative meeting for Latin American countries was held in Chile (2001), and improved networking and cooperation among countries and institutions from the region with similar interests and priorities related to information for sustainable development. Subsequently, both Argentina and Bolivia embarked on national projects to establish indicators and information systems to support decision-making for sustainable development. Also, in St. Lucia, project activities such as local visioning workshops and a national workshop on sustainable development priorities, led to a draft National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS) being elaborated and a set of indicators for monitoring progress toward sustainable development goals being completed. It is hoped that a final NSDS will be ready for adoption in 2005. Interventions also included providing guidance to countries on utilizing energy indicators for sustainable development and other analytical tools for energy policy and analysis. Meetings were held in Brazil, Cuba, South Africa and Romania, and an expert network was created to promote an exchange of views among these countries and with experts from international organizations. As a result, Brazil is currently finalizing an energy profile and energy profiles for South Africa and Cuba are expected to be completed by late 2005. Other results include direct impacts on energy planning processes and awareness raising within each country.