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The calendar provides information on proposed timelines and deadlines for Development Account financed projects

Date Tranche Activity
July 2015 – June 2016 10th tranche Preparation of project documents by implementing entities together with the implementing partners
October 2015-June 2016
(Up to 2 rounds of comments by DA Team before the project document is submitted to the DA Quality Assurance Group for decision)
10th tranche Review of project documents by DA Team and Account Review Group

31 March 2016

8th tranche External evaluation / Final report submission
1st and 2nd Quarter of 2016 10th tranche Issuance of allotments after clearance by DA QAG and submission of the allotment request

31 January 2016: PR2

31 January 2017: PR3

9th tranche Submission of annual progress reports
31 December 2017 (At the latest) 9th tranche Operational closing of projects
31 December 2017 9th tranche Financial closing of projects
31 March 2018 (at the latest) 9th tranche External evaluation / Final report Submission
31 January 2017: PR1
31 January 2018: PR2
31 January 2019: PR3
10th tranche Submission of annual progress reports (PR)
30 June 2019   Operational closing of project

30 December 2019

10th tranche Financial closing of project

September 2019 – December 2019

(Please note that evaluators should be contracted before the end of the Q3 2019, and evaluations must be concluded by the end of December 2019)

10th tranche External evaluation

31 March 2020

(Implementing entities may use the December 2019- March 2020 window to conduct an internal review of the external evaluation and prepare the final report before it is submitted to the DA Team)

10th tranche Final report and external evaluation report submission