Dear fellow citizens of Madagascar
Dear members of the international community

Madagascar has embarked on the path of transformation. Since 2002 we have laid the foundation that will allow our country to move forward rapidly. In November 2004, we created our Vision "Madagascar, Naturally" and we have designed and implemented many programs to support our development.

The National Vision

Madagascar will become a prosperous nation. We will have a high growth economy and will successfully compete in the global market place.

The MAP builds Capital for the Nation

Human Capital

Human capital includes the health services, nutrition support, education and skill building that allows each person to be economically and socially productive.

The Big Goals

The MAP goals and strategies are directed to achieving poverty reduction and the enhancement of the quality of life for all Malagasy.

The MAP and The UN Millenium Development Goals

We declare our commitment to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals.

The MAP Guiding values

We recognize that in order to successfully implement the MAP, we need to operate according to a new set of shared values.
These values will be emphasized in all aspects of governance and administration.

The Benefits of Having a MAP

For the People of Madagascar

The MAP will create optimism and confidence in the future.

Immediate MAP priorities BRI

We are serious in our intention to make the MAP commitments become a reality for Madagascar. This is a pioneering effort as we are out to achieve what so many other developing countries have only dreamt about. We will turn our dream into reality. To do that we must conduct a series of major reforms that we are calling "Breakthrough Reform Initiatives." These breakthrough reform initiatives, BRI, are urgent projects that require immediate attention, superior leadership, collaboration across ministries, and dedicated resources.

The Human Building Blocks of the MAP

The MAP is about people – the Malagasy people. To achieve our goals, some of our values, habits, practices and priorities will need to change. But hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart – we can do it. To succeed, we will need to attend to the human building blocks that provide the foundation for a transformation.

New Institutions to Support the Quantum Leap

The National Leadership Institute of Madagascar and the Economic Development Board of Madagascar

MAP Implementation System

The vision Madagascar Naturally and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals are the basis for the country’s direction and long-term goals.