Biennial Review

Civil society organizations (CSOs) formally associated with the Department of Global Communications (DGC) are required to report on their activities every two years in order to maintain their formal association with DGC through the Biennial Review programme.

This self-reporting exercise allows organizations formally associated with DGC to report on their most recent activities and communication programmes and to (re)designate individuals that will represent the organization before the UN and will be eligible to obtain grounds passes for UNHQ in New York.

Approved reports

Those organizations whose 2020 Biennial Reviews have been approved will receive instructions on how to designate representatives for UNHQ in New York. Instructions will be sent to the head of the organization, with copy to the main e-mail address of the CSO.

Pending reports

Those organizations whose 2020 Biennial review have not been approved and are marked as pending will receive instructions on what information is missing from the submitted report and how to submit it. These instructions will be sent to the head of the organization, with copy to the main e-mail address of the CSO.

You may check the list of 2020 Biennial Review submissions below to confirm the status of your report.


Gounds Passes

Only organizations whose Biennial Review reports are approved are eligible to request grounds passes for their representatives. Grounds Passes are valid from the moment of issuance until the 31st of January of the following year.

Before ground passes are issued, the organization must have submitted its corresponding Biennial Review and this report must have been approved.

Grounds Passes for 2022

The organization must have submitted its 2020 Biennial Review, and this must have been approved on order to qualify for grounds passes.

Since 14 March 2020 civil society representatives may visit UNHQ in New York, following the regular COVID-19 related guidelines while on campus.

CSOs associated with DGC may submit, and whose 2020 Biennial Review was approved, may designate up to six (6) representatives to obtain grounds passes for UNHQ in New York.

To designate representatives, please use the provided template.

For assistance, please reach out to us via email: with the subject line “Grounds Passes 2022

Grounds Passes and COVID-19 Related Information

Please note the following:

  1. In order to receive the six (6) ground passes, the head of the Civil Society Organization must attest in writing that all designated representatives are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at the time of submitting their names to DGC for processing of ground passes.
  2. DGC will provide a Designation Letter Template that includes all necessary information, including the attestation of vaccination status for all designated representatives.
  3. Civil society representatives are required to carry proof of COVID-19 vaccination with them at all times while on UN premises in New York, including seated indoor dining at UNHQ, as they may be required by UN staff to provide it.
  4. Civil society representatives are required to practice physical distancing while on UN premises in New York, as well as wear a mask covering their nose and mouth, and may be asked to adhere to other safety mitigating measures requested by the UN. Access to the premises will be denied to representatives not adhering to the safety protocols in place at UNHQ.
  5. Civil society representatives are asked to limit eating and drinking to when seated in a café on UNHQ premises.
  6. Should a civil society representative fail to comply with all COVID-19 measures currently in place, or those determined by the United Nations as the pandemic evolves, such representative may be required to leave UNHQ premises in New York.

The United Nations continues to monitor the pandemic and will adjust its COVID-19 measures as the health situation evolves. Our office will keep you updated of any development and changes to the measures and procedures currently in place, to which all civil society representatives are expected to adhere.

Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring a smooth and safe return to UNHQ in New York for civil society. We are happy to welcome you back and reiterate our commitment to fully support you in engaging in the work of the United Nations.