In addition to being one of the four main UN duty stations, Nairobi is also the environmental headquarters of the UN. The environment has many components and one of them is forest ecosystems. As forests are key to our survival as human beings, there is a deep interaction between us and the forests around us. Ideal for high school students, the Forest Ecosystem Management briefing takes you through the role of forests and the important work of the UN Environment Programme, the Food and Agriculture Organization and other UN Programmes in preserving forests, all through fostering sustainable relations between human beings and forest ecosystems.

Virtual visitors will be able to learn about the interconnection of the various Funds, Programmes and Specialized Agencies, particularly with regards to forests.

Please note: groups from 10 persons can book our virtual briefings at any time during our opening hours. If you are an individual, please check our events page or our booking platform for the briefing dates. 

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