List of Projects

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Sub-Fund

Year of ApprovalProject TitleImplementing Entity & PartnersProject DurationProject StatusRegion/Country Amount
2016Implementing Agenda 2030 – Strengthening capacities for developing countries in integrating economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection for sustainable developmentDESA, in partnership with UNDP, ASEAN Secretariat and regional organization (CROP, PIFS, SPC)3 yearsOngoingCambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Pacific SIDS$1,071,070.00
2016Strengthening National Policy Capacities for Jointly Building the Belt and Road towards the Sustainable Development Goals DESA/DPAD, in partnership with DSD, UNSD, FfDO and OESC, UNESCAP, UNESCWA, ECA, ECE, UNDP, UNCTAD, WTO, ITC and UNIDO3 yearsOngoingAsia $1,940,000.00
2016Mobilizing Science, Technology, and Innovation in developing countries for the SDGsDESA/DSD, in partnership with UN Inter-Agency Task Team (IATT) on STI-SDGs2 yearsOngoingGlobal$1,000,000.00
2016Enhancing national capacities for unleashing full potentials of micro-, small- and medium-enterprises (MSMEs) in achieving sustainable development goals in developing countriesDESA/DSD, in partnership with UNDP, UNIDO, UNCTAD, ADV, AfDB, WB and Glal Compact, ICC, WBCSD, Ford Foundation, UN foundation, Gates Foundation and specialized governmental agencies2 yearsOngoingGlobal$1,652,000.00
2016Promoting youth empowerment for Afghans refugees and host communities through education, skills training and livelihoods in PakistanUNHCR, in partnership with UNICEF, UNESCO and local authorities1 yearCompletePakistan$526,440.00
2016Enhancing service delivery in health and education for refugees in Iran by supporting their incorporation into public services provided by the Government of the Islamic Republic of IranUNHCR, in partnership with Local and National Authorities1 yearCompleteIran$500,000.00
2016Improved Access to Secondary Education opportunities for the population in the protracted Somali Refugee situation in Jijiga Refugee Camps, North East EthiopiaUNHCR, in partnership with National NGO1 yearongoingEthiopia$500,000.00
2016Integrating migration into national development plans: towards policy coherence and the achievement of SDGs at national and global levelsIOM, in partnership with Resident Coordinator Office (RCO) and national/ministerial authorities2 yearsOngoingGhana, Ethiopia$500,000.00
2017Enhancing capacity of developing countries to achieve sustainable agriculture through the transfer of Juncao technology for alleviating poverty and promoting productive employment DESA/DSD 2 yearsOngoing$2,291,940.00
2017Accelerating the achievement of SDG7: Enhancing capacities and South-South cooperation in support of SDG7 review, follow up and implementationDESA/DSD3 yearsOngoing$1,500,000.00
2017Identifying pathways for UN system organizations to facilitate norm-setting for and application of frontier technologies to support Member States in addressing development challenges and promoting the achievement of the SDGs at all levelsCEB9 monthsComplete$53,500.00
2017Strengthening national capacities of landlocked commodity dependent developing economies to promote better integration into regional and global value chains, and create development linkages at the national, inter-regional and intercontinental levels. UNCTAD (internal)3 yearsOngoing$498,620.00
2017Strengthening productive capacity in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) through providing an enabling environment for investment in sustainable energy development in support of graduationOHRLLS, in partnership with DESA, SCAP, ECA, China3 yearsOngoing$584,220.00
2017Strengthening national capacity for the implementation of the Global HIV Prevention Coalition RoadmapUNAIDS, in partnership with UNFPA, UNICEF, UNODC, WHO and World Bank2 yearsOngoing$500,000.00
2017Working for Health: Health Employment and Inclusive Economic GrowthWHO, in partnership with ILO, OECD, China3 yearsOngoing$3,000,000.00
Sub-total: 2016$7,689,510.00
Sub-total: 2017$8,428,280.00