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UN Audio Channels

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The United Nations Audio Channels app provides two types of services:

1. Live Audio Feed:

A direct audio feed from the following locations is available for many publicly broadcast meetings and special events:

  • The General Assembly Hall
  • The Security Council Chambe
  • The Press Briefing Room

This live feed is available in the 6 official UN languages, when interpretation is provided, as well as the original floor language.

العربية | 中文 | English | Français | Русский | Español | + Floor language

2. UN Radio Programmes

UN Radio focuses on the work of the United Nations throughout the world. It has unrivalled access to the UN newsmakers and aims to provide an objective view of UN activities.

UN Radio programmes include:

  • Latest news bulletins
  • Daily radio programmes & press briefings
  • Feature reports
  • Magazines and Interviews
  • Weekly highlight programmes
  • Coverage of many UN General Assembly as well as Security Council meetings

This service is available in the six official UN languages plus Kiswahili and Portuguese.

عربي | 中文 | English | Français | Русский | Español | Português | Kiswahili

App and Streaming Options

UN Audio Channels allows listeners access to:

  • Live stream programming
  • Live call-to-listen access by placing an in-app voice call from
    • Brazil
    • South Africa
    • Switzerland
    • United States
  • Recorded programming
  • Bandwidth selection, leading to reduced data charges
  • Interactive messaging services embedded in the app including:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Weibo

UN News Reader

iOS (English only) App Store
Android (6 languages) Google Play



UN News Centre is the Organization’s main news portal, which provides breaking news coverage of developments around the UN system and offers quick access to a range of news-related products and resources. The Centre’s daily wire agency-style news covers:

  • Key UN meetings and side events
  • Newsmaker interviews
  • Developments around the world
  • Comprehensive stories about work being done on priority issues by multiple UN agencies

The United Nations News Reader app provides up-to-the-minute easy access to the UN News Centre stories which can be browsed by:

1. Subject
2. Geographic region

This service is available in the 6 official UN languages on Android and in English on iOS.

Android: العربية | 中文 | English | Français | Русский | Español

iOS: English

APP Options

The News Reader downloads the latest feed to your device so you can read stories offline later. Plus, you can save them as favourites for quick reference.

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