His Excellency Emomali Rahmon

Statement Summary

EMOMALI RAHMON, President of Tajikistan, said the United Nations response to the rapidly changing international situation, and the rise of such modern threats as terrorism, climate change and the spread of COVID‑19, once again demonstrates that many countries still need robust multilateral ties.  They recognize the United Nations as a reliable partner.  The bitter lessons of the Second World War serve as a warning to protect peace, enhance stability and ensure a peaceful life for humanity.  Noting that the commemoration of the seventy‑fifth anniversary coincides with unprecedented challenges, he said only through close cooperation can humankind seek to overcome them.  Tajikistan is engaged in the global dialogues related to water resources and the climate change agenda.  “Stronger solidarity is among the top priorities that could help stabilize the situation in the health‑care sector and the global economy,” he said, adding that modern threats require an immediate global response, based on unity and mutually beneficial multilateral cooperation.