His Excellency Mr. Martín Vizcarra Cornejo

Statement Summary

MARTÍN VIZCARRA CORNEJO, President of Peru, said the Charter of the United Nations was the fruit of diplomatic negotiations involving his country, reflecting the painful lessons learned from two world wars and offering a fresh opportunity to humanity by establishing a forum for unprecedented relations among States.  Its legitimacy, its convening power and its normative impact mean that States understand as universal values human rights, access to education, health, women’s empowerment, sustainable development, maintenance of international peace and security, disarmament and the fight against climate change.  Yet, the current crisis has revealed that there are vast gaps and practices that are eroding multilateralism:  mistrust and lack of dialogue among them, especially between the great powers.  The crisis also offers opportunities to “mend our ways” and renew commitments.  The scale of the pandemic, and the unknowns of COVID‑19, mean that “no one is safe from it until we are all safe from it.”  Any future vaccine should be considered a global public good.  He also called for addressing the grave economic impact, expressing Peru’s unwavering commitment to those efforts.