His Excellency K. P. Sharma Oli

Statement Summary

K. P. SHARMA OLI, Prime Minister of Nepal, said that Member States are convening at an unprecedented time.  The impact of the COVID‑19 pandemic has hit lives, economies and societies.  Humanity has the responsibility to strengthen the United Nations and empower it as the centre of multilateralism.  Nepal’s partnership with the Organization has been growing.  It has been providing one of the most dedicated professional services, peace operations, for over six decades.  The United Nations has been a key partner in Nepal’s development process.  The United Nations must fight against the pandemic, climate crisis and terrorism and must ensure the total elimination of chemical and all other weapons of mass destruction.  It is also the international community’s responsibility to make the United Nations more fit for purpose.  There is no alternative to unity, he said, noting that Member States must commit to move beyond rhetoric to action.  It is important that the Organization is focused on the 12 action points highlighted in the Declaration adopted by the General Assembly today.  The United Nations should ensure that it is stronger and better prepared to tackle existential threats and emergencies.  Nepal commits itself to build a more prosperous global community.