His Excellency Sooronbai Zheenbekov

Statement Summary

SOORONBAI ZHEENBEKOV, President of Kyrgyzstan, said COVID-19 is one of the gravest global threats since the United Nations founding.  Small- and medium‑sized businesses have suffered greatly.  He expressed gratitude to partner countries and organizations for their support, stressing that the fallout has had a major impact on foreign debt.  Welcoming the G20’s decision to suspend debt service payments, he called for the restructuring of external debt in exchange for sustainable development projects.  He also called for upholding the principles of universality, effectiveness and broad representation of small countries, recalling Kyrgyzstan’s candidacy for a non‑permanent seat on the Security Council.  Also attaching great importance to human rights and the rule of law, he described initiatives related to preserving ecology, heritage and the development of mountainous countries.  He also underscored the importance of mutually beneficial cooperation in Central Asia, noting that his country will strengthen relations with its neighbours.