Her Excellency Mr. Salome Zourabichvili

Statement Summary

SALOME ZOURABICHVILI, President of Georgia, said global threats force the international community to take a fresh look at multilateral management.  The Secretary‑General’s call for a global ceasefire has yet to be obeyed.  While seeing every day the cost of isolation in its territories occupied by the Russian Federation, Georgia is not ready to simply stand by while occupation damages human lives and human rights.  “Time has come for a fresh look, out of an intolerably frozen situation, at the opportunities that the new world paradigm opens,” she said, calling for new solutions.  Peace and development are needed to secure a viable planet, she said, emphasizing the importance of a transition to sustainable energy and resource management.  Georgia has minimized the impact of COVID‑19 thanks to a “triangle of trust” among society, medical authorities and the Government as well as close cooperation with international partners, she said, emphasizing that trust and solidarity are key for societies to develop resilience and more focus must be placed on education.  Georgia practices tolerance as well as intellectual and moral solidarity, which are key to guide the world through the current uncertain times.  Respect for the Charter and the Sustainable Development Goals, through action not just words, requires political will and commitment.  “Our future and that of our ‘old but young’ organization is in our hands,” she said.