His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Macron

Statement Summary

EMMANUEL MACRON, President of France, said the United Nations remains faithful to its founding pledge to save future generations from war, enshrine equality and protect freedom.  The Organization, when given the means, has lived up to its principles and the world is indebted to the thousands of civilian and military personnel that have put their lives on the line for the work of the United Nations.  However, the world is in disarray — war, use of chemical weapons and mass incarceration take place with impunity.  Further, the COVID‑19 pandemic is sewing fear of incompetent leadership.  The United Nations must act to harness new avenues of cooperation to lessen debt, support health systems and assist the most vulnerable populations, he said.  “I believe in multilateralism of action,” he said, pledging to honour commitments to peace and security.