His Excellency Sebastián Piñera Echenique

Statement Summary

SEBASTIÁN PIÑERA ECHENIQUE, President of Chile, recalling the objectives of the Charter of the United Nations, said the world today faces different challenges and called on the Organization to modernize so it is better equipped to address them.  The United Nations must strive to prevent crises and strengthen Member States’ institutions to build democratic resilience.  Furthermore, the Security Council must be more representative across continents, especially Africa and South America.  Advances must be made in nuclear disarmament, counter‑terrorism, extremism and armed conflicts, as well as climate change and global warming.  Migration must be regulated to ensure it is safe and protects the human rights of migrants and refugees.  Multilateral solutions are no longer an option but a need, he stressed, calling for international solidarity.  People must be united not only in free trade but freedom, -respect for human rights, tolerance, solidarity and a commitment to peace.