Her Excellency Sophie Wilmès

Statement Summary

SOPHIE WILMÈS, Prime Minister of Belgium, said that 75 years ago, the guns of the Second World War fell silent and the greatest organization ever conceived came into being, to rebuild a world that would spare future generations from the scourge of war and to promote freedom and social progress.  The international community sees a world in constant development where collective progress is still as important as ever.  Multilateralism continues to be a necessity in order to meet all of the challenges of the globalized world.  Belgium has through its history attempted to encourage dialogue and mutual understanding.  It is an essential element of its diplomatic DNA.  The prevention of conflict is an essential part of Belgium foreign policy.  In a context of international tension, Belgium is working constructively on the role of honest broker.  After 75 years, the global community must recognize that the world is not the same as the one when the Charter of the United Nations was signed.  Member States must redouble ambition.  They owe this to their fellow citizens, particularly children and the most vulnerable.