Azerbaijan (on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement)

His Excellency Ilham Heydar oglu Aliyev

Statement Summary

ILHAM HEYDAR OGLU ALIYEV, President of Azerbaijan, speaking on behalf of the Non‑Aligned Movement, said the United Nations and its Charter are central to the maintenance of international peace and security.  Despite its limitations, the United Nations remains the central forum to discuss global challenges.  Emerging crises require a renewal of commitment to the Charter of the United Nations.  He said the world needs effective global institutions to ensure compliance with international law.  The Movement plays a fundamental role in calling for strict adherence to international norms and principles, he said, calling for reform efforts to strengthen the United Nations.  He called for reform of the Security Council to align it with modern geopolitical realities.  The role of the United Nations in global economic governance must be strengthened through increased commitment to multilateralism, he said.  The ongoing COVID‑19 pandemic further highlights the relevance of multilateral initiatives.  Considering emerging challenges to peace, the guiding principles of the Movement are more relevant than ever, he noted.

Speaking in his national capacity, he said Azerbaijan has achieved much since independence.  However, Armenia has occupied Nagorno‑Karabakh and other regions of Azerbaijan, he said, pointing to United Nations resolutions calling for the withdrawal of Armenian forces from those regions.  He said Armenia conducted ethnic cleansing in occupied territories and is implementing a policy of illegal settlement.  Armenian leadership is undermining negotiation processes through aggressive rhetoric, which point to mounting military efforts against Azerbaijan.  He called for the matter to be addressed in line with relevant Security Council resolutions.