His Excellency Nikol Pashinyan

Statement Summary

NIKOL PASHINYAN, Prime Minister of Armenia, said global challenges sometimes lead to struggles between international solidarity and self‑interest, as illustrated by the drastic situation caused by the COVID‑19 pandemic and its dire socioeconomic consequences.  Effective multilateralism, with a central role for the United Nations, is instrumental in addressing global and regional challenges.  Likewise, the United Nations is more than a common platform for presenting national concerns; it is a framework to shape common interests, to listen and consider every voice from all over the world.  In these challenging times, reckless revisionists are trying to score from the perceived weakness of the international order, with social engineering of historic memories and the appropriation of heritage of others becoming commonplace.  As such, the world must recommit to effective multilateralism to provide a strong institutional backbone to the international community for becoming more resilient in the face of global challenges.