#HerStoryOurStory EU-UN Spotlight Initiative Digital Engagement Campaign

As part of the Spotlight Initiative, the EU and UN has launched #HerStoryOurStory - a joint campaign which aims to raise awareness of the prevalence and impact of violence against women and girls, while demonstrating that we all - collectively and individually - have a role to play in ending it. Starting now.

The campaign seeks to engage a broad international and local audience, using a web-based video game which challenges players to consider how they would react when faced with a tricky situation. The campaign will highlight the themes prioritised in the Spotlight Initiative.

Take action and get engaged at herstoryourstory.net

For more information on the Spotlight Initiative, contact:

New York:

Olga Aleshina, Head of Programme Management Unit, Spotlight Initiative, +1 (212) 906-6155


Christopher Matthews, Senior Press and Public Affairs Officer at European Union Delegation to the UN +1 (212) 421-3550

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