60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948 - 2008)

On 10 December, Human Rights Day, the Secretary-General launched a year-long campaign in which all parts of the United Nations family are taking part in the lead up to the 60th birthday of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) on Human Rights Day 2008.

With more than 360 language versions to help them, UN organizations around the globe are using the year to focus on helping people everywhere to learn about their human rights. The UDHR was the first international recognition that all human beings have fundamental rights and freedoms and it continues to be a living and relevant document today.  

The theme of the campaign, “Dignity and justice for all of us,” reinforces the vision of the Declaration as a commitment to universal dignity and justice and not something that should be viewed as a luxury or a wish-list.

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Wolfgang Ammer - Autriche

Wolfgang Ammer - Austria

Dale Cummings - Canada

Dale Cummings - Canada

Vladimir Motchalov - Fédération de Russie

Vladimir Motchalov - Russian Federation

Felipe Galindo (Feggo) - États Unis d'Amérique

Felipe Galindo (Feggo) - United States of America

Roar Hagen - Norvège

Roar Hagen - Norway

Medi Belortaja - Albanie

Medi Belortaja - Albania

Finn Graff - Norvège

Finn Graff - Norway

Javad Alizadeh - République islamique d'Iran

Javad Alizadeh - Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Bruno Liberati - Brésil

Bruno Liberati - Brazil

Kostas Mitrooulos- Grèce

Kostas Mitrooulos- Greece

Dengcoy Miel - République de Singapour

Dengcoy Miel - Singapore

Marco De Angelis - Italie

Marco De Angelis - Italy

Dusan Petricic - Canada

Dusan Petricic - Canada

Jerry Robinson - États Unis d'Amérique

Jerry Robinson - United States of America

Heiko Sakarai - Allemagne

Heiko Sakarai - Germany

Peter Schrank - Irlande

Peter Schrank - Ireland

Serge Goizauskas (Serguei) - France

Serge Goizauskas (Serguei) - France

Ewert Karlsson (Ewk) - Suisse

Ewert Karlsson (Ewk) - Sweden

Starvo Jabra - Liban

Starvo Jabra - Lebanon

Jugoslav Vlahovic - Serbie

Jugoslav Vlahovic - Serbia

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