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Secretary-General António Guterres visits Antigua, Barbuda and Dominica to to assess hurricane damage and recovery needs.

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Catch up on the latest headlines in eight languages. Look for sources to put the story in context.

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Follow events at UN Headquarters and around the world through live and on-demand streaming. Live feeds for broadcasters.

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Features, packages for broadcasters, video messages and short videos on global issues.

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Engage and learn about the UN’s work and global priorities across social media platforms in nine languages.


Reaching new audiences by providing media content to broadcasters, partners and publishers to enable them to use UN content on their outlets.

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Where journalists come for accreditation and access to meetings, press events and key documents.

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Access our library of footage, audio and photos for multimedia coverage of the United Nations.

  • AV materials on events and meetings at United Nations Headquarters today
  • Historical photo collections
  • Footage and audio from iconic moments in history
  • UN Radio Classics dating back to the 1940s

UN Photo

Provides daily coverage of all major conferences and events at UN Headquarters and images from the field — from UN peace operations and aid efforts to projects promoting sustainable development and human rights.

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