6 April | Reimagining a Better Future


  • Jayathma Wickramanayake | UN Youth Envoy
  • Melati Wijsen | Co-founder of Youthopia & Youth Forum Keynote Speaker
  • Anika Jenne Dorothy | East Africa Coordinator at Amplify Girls & Youth Forum Keynote Speaker
  • Conor Lennon, UN News (Moderator)

Ahead of the opening of the UN Youth Forum on 7 April, the SDG Media Zone will feature a genuine and heartfelt conversation between the organization’s Youth Envoy and two inspiring young activists who are transforming the world. The curtain-raiser session, which will be led by UN News, will look at how young people are rising from the chaos and devastation in the wake of the pandemic to build a fairer world and a more sustainable future. It will explore what the participants, who are Forum’s keynote speakers, expect from Youth Forum.

7 April | Reimagining a Sustainable Future


  • Amina Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary-General
  • Lanre Adeleye, United Kingdom, Project 17
  • Yolanda Nazo, South Africa, Project 17
  • Sahar Beg, India, Project 17
  • Sana Safi, BBC World Service (Presenter)

The session, produced by the BBC World Service, features a conversation between the UN leader and three teenagers on what young people want from the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as they question the current state of the world with the hopes of shaping a more meaningful future for everyone. The session is a special episode of the BBC World Service Radio’s 17-part series called Project 17, where 17 17-year-olds in 17 countries explore progress and setbacks in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

8 April | Reimagining Climate Justice


  • Fatemah Alzelzela, UNEP Young Champion & Founder of Eco Star
  • Máximo Mazzocco, UNDP Generation 17 Young Leader & Founder of Eco House
  • Sara Suárez, UNDP Youth Environmental Journalist Volunteer

Moderator: Mark Fischetti, Scientific American

Young people have often been on the forefront of movements for justice and social change. They know that the impacts of climate change are not borne equally or fairly, between the rich and poor, women and men, and older and younger generations. The final session of the SDG Media zone focuses on the need for climate justice - looking at the climate crisis through a human rights lens and based on the belief that by working together we can create a better future for present and future generations. In this session, young and inspiring climate activists, who are changing the way we use our resources and understand climate change, explain why it is now more important than ever to prioritize the planet.