A boy stands next to a girl in a classroom holding up note cards

To address the lasting effects of conflict and economic stressors, UNRWA provides support to students to continue going to school – like Karam – through its ‘Back to School’ project.

students leaving school through emergency exit

Fatima Katash is an 8th grade student at the UNRWA Jalazone Basic Girls’ School. Jalazone camp is adjacent to the Israeli settlement of Beit El. Because the settlement and camp are so close, Israeli security patrols and a military presence often lead to clashes with Palestine refugees. During incidents, the UNRWA protection team directly interacts with the Israeli military to advocate for the protection of the children and to de-escalate the situation. The team also helps coordinate the evacuation of students and staff, in the event of clashes.

A girl and a boy study under candlelight.

The people of Gaza are battling a pandemic, unemployment, and poverty while trying to cling to hope. UNRWA launched the 2021 Ramadan campaign so everyone has enough to eat during this holy month.