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MAKING PEACE: Mediation and Justice in Action | UNOMS 15th anniversary week

12-15 December, UN Secretariat, New York

UNOMS 15 YEARS Always a first safe step in resolving your workspace

The United Nations Ombudsman and Mediation Services (UNOMS) commemorates its 15th year anniversary with a series of conflict resolution focused activities at the United Nations Headquarters and an expert panel on the theme ‘MAKING PEACE: Mediation and Justice in Action’ to be held 12 - 15 December, 2017

“Peace comes from being able to contribute the best that we have, and all that we are, toward creating a world that supports everyone. But it is also securing the space for others to contribute the best that they have and all that they are.”

- Hafsat Abiola






Schedule of events [Download programme pdf]

Tuesday 12 December: 12:30-2 PM
Secretariat Conference Room S-2723
WORKSHOP 1 - Promoting Happiness on the Job [Register here]

Francisco Espejo, Regional Ombudsman in Santiago

Many people believe that happiness is an outcome of success; however, recent literature reflects that happiness precedes a successful life. In this session, we will review operational definitions of happiness and explore how this can be promoted in the workplace.

Wednesday 13 December: 12:30-2 PM
Secretariat Conference Room DC2-2414
WORKSHOP 2 - Dignity and Civility in the Workplace [Register here]

Nicholas Theotocatos, Regional Ombudsman in Nairobi

This session will focus on an interactive discussion on the concept of dignity and civility as they manifest in the workplace. There will be a brief presentation with a focus on generating a discussion among the participants on the applicability of these concepts on how we interact at work.

Thursday 14 December: 12:30-2 PM
Secretariat Conference Room S-1520
WORKSHOP 3 - Improving Negotiation Skills by Managing Emotions [Register here]

Hani Murad, Regional Ombudsman in Beirut

The assumption that individuals, and even groups, if afforded the opportunity, will behave in a rational, reasonable and collaborative way because it may serve their best interest requires close examination. Throughout history, emotions have played significant role in the human experience. Many examples from daily life point that humans may behave and\or make decisions in a counterproductive manner.

This session will provide an opportunity to discuss and learn effective strategies to manage our emotions and enhance our negotiation skills to improve our relationships and work environment.

High level event

Friday 15 December: 10AM - 1 PM
Secretariat Conference Room 12

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Keynote Addresses

Peace-making, Mediation, and Justice in a Challenging World | Ms. Lisa Buttenheim, Assistant Secretary-General for Field Support

Making Peace at Home: Building a Values Based Workplace | A conversation with Ms. Victoria B. Mars

The Future of Justice Systems With Mr. Colin Rule