Messages on Peace

On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, United Nations Messengers of Peace and youth from around the world share their visions and actions for peace, equity and sustainability through video messages.


2021 International Day of Peace – Message from youth around the world

Reuven Dersovitz (United States), Ahmed Fahmy (Egypt), Anshita Hedge (India), Abdoulaye Koina (Mali), Arim Lee (Republic of Korea), Enxhi Lipa (Albania) and Ann Cathrin Nachtwey (Germany) explain what peace means to them and what they are willing to do for peace.

Message and music performance by Midori and students of the Chambers Music Institute

United Nations Messenger of Peace and master violinist Midori (Japan) delivers a message on forging connections through music during the COVID-19 pandemic, followed by a music performance of Spring (Concerto No. 1 in E Major) from the Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) with students from the Chamber Music Institute.

Paulo Coelho: Respect is the most important thing that we have

Paulo Coelho is an award-winning author from Brazil whose works have been translated into more than 65 languages. He serves as a United Nations Messenger of Peace, a UNESCO Special Counselor for Intercultural Dialogues and Spiritual Convergences, and a member of “Network of Men Leaders” as part of the “UNiTE to End Violence against Women” campaign. On the International Day of Peace, he delivers a call for peace.


Jane Goodall: We are all part of one human family

Jane Goodall is a United Nations Messenger of Peace from the United Kingdom, known for her groundbreaking scientific work studying chimpanzees. She is the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute. Her global Roots & Shoots programme supports thousands of young people in nearly 100 countries with projects that help communities, animals and the environment. On the International Day of Peace, she reminds us of our common bond.


Interview with Nadine Abdullatief by Ula Abu Safieh

On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, Ula Abu Safieh, Deputy School Principal at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) interviews Nadine Abdullatief, a 6th grade student attending an UNRWA school in Gaza about her experience living and studying with the impact of ongoing conflict.


Opera performance “L’Heure Exquise” by Margo Arsane and Toby Hession

For the 2021 International Day of Peace, mezzo-soprano Margo Arsane (France) performs “L’Heure Exquise” with Pianist Toby Hession (United Kingdom). Ms. Asane represents The Peace and Prosperity Trust, an organization that supports emerging artists in the Middle East and the West, promoting culture and peace through the power of music.


Naomi Sugita Reis: Peace is living in harmony with ourselves and with each other

Naomi Sugita Reis (Brazil) is a student of Human Rights and International Cooperation at the University of Bologna, Italy. She volunteers to promote social justice, international migration and multiculturalism in Latin America and Europe and has represented the Brazilian youth in events organized by the United Nations. She serves as the Youth Moderator for the 2021 International Day of Peace Youth Observance.


South Sudanese students Viola Inyiye Angelo, Lucky Ayella John, Hellen Bolijei Lino discuss peace

Naomi Sugita Reis, Youth Moderator for the 2021 International Day of Peace Youth Observance interviews Viola Inyiye Angelo, Lucky Ayella John and Hellen Bolijei Lino about their experience as students from South Sudan and their visions for peace.


Mogamat Imaad Abrahams: How to include the voices of those most affected by inequality

Mogamat Imaad Abrahams (South Africa) recently graduated from Spine Road High School in Cape Town, South Africa. He is now studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Cape Town and serves as the President of Peace Club South Africa. In his statement, Mr. Abrahams shares his thoughts about addressing inequality through educated and informed citizenship.


Grace Chilongo: Creating a green and sustainable world by empowering girls

Grace Chilongo (Malawi) is a climate activist who works with the Wildlife and Natural Resources Conservation and Rehabilitation Trust of the United Religions Initiative. In her statement, Ms. Chilongo introduces her projects that empower girls in her community to proceed with their education.


Reuven Dersovitz: Solving conflict begins with understanding perspectives of all sides

Reuven Dersovitz (United States) recently graduated from RaeKushner Yeshiva High School in Livingston, New Jersey, United States. He is a Youth Planning Committee Member of Learn Lead Serve’s “Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence”. In his statement, Mr. Dersovitz talks about conflict resolution through the perspective of a young person inspired by his Jewish faith. 


Rinor Jani: The world is ready for peace and the end of the nuclear weapon era

Rinor Jani (Albania) is a Representative of Pathways to Peace to the United Nations. He also serves on the United Nations Department of Global Communications Youth Steering Committee. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Human Rights at Columbia University in New York City, United States. In his statement, Mr. Jani introduces his advocacy work for nuclear disarmament in Albania and the Balkan region.


Thérésa Kpana: Peace means respect for fundamental rights and values of everyone

As a hard-of-hearing student, Thérésa Kpana (Central African Republic) has been participating in activities for the integration of people with disabilities. She has been appointed President of l'organisation des Jeunes filles sourdes pour la Solidarité et l’Inclusion en Centrafrique. For the International Day of Peace, Ms. Kpana delivers a message on peace and human rights in French sign language.


Jackline Kyaruzi: Peaceful co-existence between community, wildlife and environment

Jackline Kyaruzi (Tanzania) is a Youth Ambassador of the Roots & Shoots Programme under the Jane Goodall Institute. She is currently studying Wildlife Management at the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka in Tanzania. In her statement, Ms. Kyaruzi introduces her work on wildlife conservation and sustainability education.


Arim Lee: Global citizenship education is critical for COVID-19 recovery

Arim Lee (Republic of Korea) is a student of Musan Sueok High School in Paju, Republic of Korea. She is an award-winning youth activist who has led campaigns on peace and the Sustainable Development Goals. In her statement, Ms. Lee highlights the importance of global citizenship for the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Abraham Lugo: Building peace through the “United After” campaign

Abraham Lugo (Venezuela) is an LGBTQ+ immigrant and an advocate for peacebuilding, social justice and immigrant rights. He is an undergraduate student and the Student Body Vice President at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, United States. In his statement, Mr. Lugo introduces a virtual campaign “United After” that targets youth and shows how COVID-19 affects different communities and individuals.


Momoka Narasaki: Message of resilience and hope from Hiroshima

Momoka Narasaki (Japan) is a student at the Hiroshima College of Foreign Languages. She is a member of Hiroshima International Youth Volunteers and a certified Hiroshima Prefectural Interpreter and Guide. She also works at the Peace Culture Village and guides tours of the Hiroshima Peace Park. In her statement, Ms. Narasaki shares a personal message of peace, resilience, and hope, as well as the lessons she learned from the hibakusha, survivors of the 1945 atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Yone Shou Saw: Do your part and take action for peace

Yone Shou Saw (Myanmar) or Khin Lin Htet, is a student in Singapore. She is a Deputy Secretary-General of MUN Impact, a lead mentor of MUN@Home and leader of the Model UN Club at her school. In her statement, Ms. Saw speaks about the importance of protecting mental health, and her journey navigating mental health challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. She expresses her willingness to take action to help others.


Lena Silberman: Bringing communities together with the Peace Flag

Lena Silberman (United States) is a student at Cañada College in California. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at California Polytechnic State University, graduating with honours and a double major in Comparative Ethnic Studies and Sociology. In her statement, Ms. Silberman talks about how the “Peace Flag” project brought togetherness to her community despite the physical restrictions of the pandemic.


Rebecca Turay: Ending racism and discrimination through quality education

Rebecca Turay (United States) recently graduated from Curtis High School in Staten Island, New York and is currently attending Brooklyn College. She is of Sierra Leonean descent. Ms. Turay represents the City University of New York C.S.I. Liberty Partnerships Program and Children’s Aid. In her statement, Ms. Turay presents her experience of fighting racism through education as a tutor and a student.


Cathrine Volk: It is our responsibility to educate children about climate change and discrimination

Cathrine Volk (United States) is a sophomore at Mater Dei Prep in Middletown, New Jersey, United States. She is the Student Director of the Mater Dei Prep Global Leaders Institution and a volunteer for the Energizing Young Voters’ Initiative. Inspired by her work teaching children at a summer camp, Ms. Volk calls for involving children in the quest for peace by educating them about climate change and how to fight hatred.


Presentation by youth participants of Peace Pals International Art Exhibition and Awards

Young participants of Peace Pals International Art Exhibition and Awards from countries including India, Iran, Japan, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia and Ukraine express their visions for peace through video messages and art. The annual art contest invites youth worldwide to create and submit original artworks on peace and kindness.