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In 1977, the General Assembly called for the annual observance of 29 November as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (resolution 32/40 B). On that day, in 1947, the Assembly adopted the resolution on the partition of Palestine (resolution 181 (II))

In resolution 60/37 of 1 December 2005, the Assembly requested the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People and the Division for Palestinian Rights, as part of the observance of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People on 29 November, to continue to organize an annual exhibit on Palestinian rights or a cultural event in cooperation with the Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the UN.

The resolution on the observance of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People also encourages Member States to continue to give the widest support and publicity to the observance of the Day of Solidarity.


2021 United Nations International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East

16-17 November 2021
Virtual event

Organized by: United Nations Department of Global Communications
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Hashtag: #UNMediaSeminar

The annual event, organized by the UN Department of Global Communication within the framework of its media program on the question of Palestine, aims to educate the public on the question of Palestine and support a peaceful settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The event will bring together diplomats, journalists, media experts and youth representatives from Israel, Palestine, Europe, United States and other parts of the world. Participants will discuss a variety of media-related issues and trends connected to the Israel-Palestine conflict, including:

  • Panel 1: The 30th Anniversary of Madrid Peace Conference: Can hope prevail
  • Panel 2: Solutions journalism in the coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict

Both sessions will be broadcast live on:

Participate in the discussion! For questions to panellists (before or during the event) please tweet/post to the seminar’s hashtagnd your questions using #UNMediaSeminar.

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Join the global conversation on social media platforms by using the hashtag: #PalestineDay

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The question of Palestine was brought before the United Nations shortly after the end of the Second World War. The origins of the Palestine problem as an international issue, however, lie in events occurring towards the end of the First World War. In 1947 the United Nations accepted the responsibility of finding a just solution for the Palestine issue, and still grapples with this task today.





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International days and weeks are occasions to educate the public on issues of concern, to mobilize political will and resources to address global problems, and to celebrate and reinforce achievements of humanity. The existence of international days predates the establishment of the United Nations, but the UN has embraced them as a powerful advocacy tool. We also mark other UN observances.