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In Memoriam -
In remembrance of those members of the UN Family who lost their lives
in the earthquake in Haiti, 12 January 2010

Mr. Junior Delinois, 1977 - 2010

Language Teacher (Haiti)

Junior Delinois

Junior Délinois, a national of Haiti, worked as a language teacher for the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) since 2008.

A native of Port-au-Prince, Junior’s mother tongue was Creole. He grew up speaking French and was dedicated to the study of languages. He had a license in English and Spanish from Universidad APEC in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In Port-au-Prince, he did coursework in Spanish at the Instituto Lope de Vega and received a certificate from the America English School.

Prior to joining MINUSTAH, Junior taught Spanish at the Wonderful Institute in Port-au-Prince and earlier in his career worked as an interpreter and English instructor in the Dominican Republic.

Junior joined the language programme at MINUSTAH’s Integrated Mission Training Center (IMTC) in 2008 where he taught daily Spanish courses at all levels to the Mission’s civilian, police and military personnel. He also privately tutored senior management in Creole.

Junior’s colleagues in the language programme remembered him as “an unforgettable friend and colleague.” They described him as “dynamic and joyful,” as well as “someone with a great capacity to work in a team, to share his knowledge with his friends.” They noted how his “sense of humour made him a very wellknown man, not only within IMTC, but also among all the UN organizations” in Haiti.

A colleague who studied Creole with Junior said, “From the very first lesson, he instilled in me a desire to learn the language, with his enthusiasm, his good humour, his teaching style and his constant wish to see his students succeed,” adding “we became friends immediately and our discussions quickly strayed from our coursework. Class became one of the highlights of my week, just spending time with him two times a week.”

According to another colleague, Junior lived “to help people and bring satisfaction to his country.”

Junior is survived by his wife Magdala and their three children Ed Larry, 13, Dariana Yélélie, 11, and Junior Jr., 1.