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Jaime de Pinies (Spain)

Elected President of the fortieth session of the General Assembly

Photo of Jaime de Pinies

Jaime de Pinies (Spain), who was elected President of the fortieth session of the General Assembly, was designated by Royal Decree as Spain's Ambassador on Special Mission to the United Nations on 28 August 1985.

Mr. de Pinies has represented his country at 28 sessions of the General Assembly, and served as Spain's Permanent Representative to the United Nations from September 1968 to May 1972, and again from September 1973 until June 1985.

Mr. de Pinies was born in Madrid on 18 November 1917 and received a law degree from the University of Madrid in 1941. He was Legal Counsel at the Bank of Spain froth 1941 to 1945, and joined the Spanish Foreign Service in 1944.

Early in his diplomatic career, Mr. de Pinies served in various posts in his country's embassies in Cuba, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Philippines. From July 1957 through April 1960, he was Director of North American Political Affairs Division in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid.

He was then appointed Deputy Permanent Representative of Spain to the United Nations, serving from 1960 to September 1968 when he assumed the post of Permanent Representative. In May 1972, he became Spain's Ambassador to the United Kingdom, continuing in that post until September 1973, when he returned to New York to head Spain's Mission to the United Nations.

During the years of representing Spain in the United Nations, Yr. de Pinies also served as a delegate to sessions of the Economic and Special Council; as Rapporteur of the Assembly's Fifth Committee (Administrative and Budgetary); as Chairman of the Committee en Information from Non-Self-Governing Territories, and as President of the Security Council on two occasions.

Mr. De Pinies is married and has two children.

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