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Rudiger von Wechmar (Federal Republic of Germany)

Elected President of the thirty-fifth session of the General Assembly

Photo of Rudiger von Wechmar

Rudiger von Wechmar, who was elected President of the thirty-fifth session of the General Assembly, has been the Permanent Representative of the federal Republic of Germany to the United Nations since 1974.

A journalist, a politician and a diplomat, he has occupied numerous posts international news agencies, in the information media of his country, in s Government's Press and Information Office and in the Foreign Service.

Since being appointed Permanent Representative to the United Nations in 74, Mr. von Wechmar was elected that same year Vice-President of the twenty-ninth session of the General Assembly and served in 1975 as vice-Chairman of one of the General Assembly's six committees the First Committee (Disarmament and International Security).

Since 1975, as head of his country's delegation, he has attended all the Geneva sessions of the Economic and Social Council. While representing his country in the Security Council in 1977 and 1978, he also presided over that body in September 1977 and December 1978.

Prior to his appointment to the United Nations, Mr. von Wechmar was his government's spokesman since 1969 and the Head of the Press and Information Office in Bonn, with the rank of State Secretary.

Earlier in his Foreign Service career, he was the Director of the German Information Center in New York City, attached to the Embassy of the Federal public of Germany in Washington from 1958, when he first joined the Foreign Service as Press Officer to the Federal German Consulate General in New York until 1962, he served with the Permanent Observer Mission of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United Nations at all the regular and Special sessions of the General Assembly.

Before entering the Foreign Service in 1958, Mr. von Wechmar worked briefly with the German Press Agency (Deutsche Presse Agentur - DPA) in 1946, and joined the United Press in 1947. From 1948 to 1958 he served with the United Press Bonn Bureau, where he was appointed Chief of Bureau in 1954.

In the years 1963 to 1968, having temporarily left the Foreign Service, Mr. von Wechmar was the Chief Eastern European correspondent in the television service of the Federal Republic of Germany.

His journalistic career began immediately after the war, after he studied journalism as a prisoner of war in the United States.

Mr. von Wechmar was born in Berlin in 1923. He is married and has three children.

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