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Indalecio Liévano (Colombia)

Elected President of the thirty-third session of the General Assembly

Photo of Indalecio Liévano

Indalecio Liévano, who was elected President of the thirty-third regular session of the General Assembly, has been Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia since 1974. He is also the official designated to act as President of the Republic in case of the absence, incapacity or death of the elected President, and he has been in charge of the presidency on three occasions.

Mr. Liévano was the chairman of the Colombian delegation to the thirtieth, thirty-first and thirty-second sessions of the General Assembly (1975-1977). In 1975 he was the President of the fifth special session of the Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS).

An historian, politician and diplomat,. he has had numerous appointments in the foreign service of Colombia since 1946, when he was the charge d'affaires at his country's Embassy in London. He has also represented Colombia in many international conferences, including meetings of the United Nations, the OAS, and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.

Mr. Liévano has been Senator of the Republic since 1970. Prior to holding that post, he was a representative in the House of Assembly, in Bogota.

He was the publisher of the newspaper El Liberal and is the author of many books, among them Rafael Núñez, Bolivár, The Great Social and Economic upheavals in Our History and Bolivárism and Monroeism. He has also published numerous articles and pamphlets, and has been a regular contributor to several newspapers and magazines in Colombia.

Mr. Liévano holds a doctorate of law and of social and economic sciences.

He was born in Bogotá on 24 July 1917.

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