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Cornellu Manescu (Romania)

Elected President of the twenty-second session of the General Assembly

Photo of Mr. Cornellu Manescu

Cornellu Manescu of Romania, who was today elected President of the twenty-second session of the United Nations General Assembly, has been the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Socialist Republic of Romania since march 1961.

He was born on 8 February,1916 in Ploiesti, Romania. He completed his basic education in Ploiesti and vent on to study law and economics at Bucharest University during the years 1936-40.

During his university years, he started contributing articles to various progressive publications. As a journalist, he took a particular interest in international affairs.

After the country's liberation, in August 1944, he held various posts in the Party and State apparatus. In 1948, he was appointed Head of the Army Higher Political Division and then Deputy Minister of Armed Forces, with the rank of Lieutenant-General. From-1955 to 1960, he was Vice-Chairman of the State Planning Committee

In 1960, Mr. Manescu became Director of the Political Division in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and, in 1960 - 1961, he served as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Hungary.

Mr. Manescu became a member of the Cabinet as Minister for Foreign Affairs in March 1961. He was re-confirmed in that by the the Grand National Assembly. of which he became a member after the 1965 elections. He is now serving his second legislative term.

Mr. Maneseu has headed the Romanian delegations to all United Nations General Assembly sessions since the sixteenth session in 1961. He was also head of the Romanian delegation to the Eighteen-Nation Committee on Disarmament in 1962 and to other international conferences. As Minister for Foreign Affairs, he paid official visits to a number of countries, and has accompanied State and Party leaders on different trips abroad, and participated in bilateral negotiations.

He has been a member of the Romanian Communist Party since 1936. The ninth Congress of the Romanian Communist Party in 1965 elected him a member of the Party Central Committee.

Mr. Manescu was married in 1950 to the former Dana Dobrescu. They have a daughter, now 17 years old. She is a student in a Bucharest high school. Their home is in Bucharest.

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