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Carlos Sosa Rodriguez (Venezuela)

Elected President of the eighteenth session of the General Assembly

Photo of Mr. Carlos Sosa Rodriguez

Carlos Sosa Rodriguez, has been Permanent, Representative of Venezuela to the United Nations since May 1958, he served as Vice-President of the General Assembly of its fifteenth regular session in 1960.

Mr. Sosa Rodriguez was born in Caracas Venezuela, in 30 April 1912. He was educated in Venezuelaand at Baddingham College in Surrey England. He studied law in France and Venezuela and received doctorates in law from the University of Paris and the Central University of Venezuela in 1935.

Following his studies, he practiced law in Caracas, and in 1947 served as the Vice-Chairman of the Bar Association in the Federal District of Caracas.

In 1949 he was appointed Controller-General of the Venezuelan Government, and in 1950, he was named Venezuela's ambassador to the United Kingdom, a post he held until 1952.

Following his appointment as Permanent representative of Venezuela to the United Nations in 1950, Mr. Sosa Rodriguez served us leader of the Venezuelan delegation to the thirteen, fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth regular session of the general Assembly, and to the third emergency special session of the Assembly in 1958 and, the third special session of the Assembly in 1961.

Mr. Sosa Rodriguez also served tin the representative of Venezuela to the twenty-ninth and thirty-first; regular sessions, of the Economic and Social Council In 1960 and 1961, and as representative of Venezuela to the Security Council in 1969, serving as President of the Council during the month of March.

Mr. Sosa Rodriguez is the author of a number of legal works, including a book on international maritime laws, Le Droit Fluvial International et les Fleuves de l 'Amérique Latine, which was published by Pedonne in  Paris in 1935.

He was married on 8 December 1931 to the former Yolanda Pietri Pietri, and they now have five sons and three daughters.

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