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Mongi Slim (Tunisia)

Elected President of the sixthteenth session of the General Assembly

Photo of Mr. Mongi Slim

Mongi Slim, who today was elected President of the General Assembly, has served so Chairman of the Tunisian delegation to successive session of the Assembly since his country became a member of the United Nations in 1956.

Mr. Slim has also served as Permanent Representative of Tunisia and, from January 1959 through December 1960, as his country's representative on the Security Council. In January 1957 he was elected to serve on the General Assembly's five-member Special Committee on the Problem of Hungary.

Mr. Slim was Tunisia's Representative to the Security Council and Chairman of his country’s delegation to the Third Special Session of the Assembly In 1961 when the question of Bizerte was discussed by those bodies.

Mr. Slim was born in Tunisia in 1906. He attended the Sadikya School Tunis, and received a degree from the Faculty of Law of the University of Paris.

Mr. Slim joined the Neo Destour (Nationalist) Party of Tunisia, and from 1936 to 1946 was one of its leading members.

In 1954 he became Chief of the Tunisian Delegation to the Paris talks which lasted unt1l June 1955 and led to the Protocol granting autonomy to Tunisia. He vas thon named Minister of the Interior and served until April 1956. In this capacity, he took part in the negotiations with the French Government which resulted In the Protocol of 20 March 1956, granting Tunisia full independence.

In April 1956 Mr. Slim became Minister of State Without- Portfolio, In September 1950 he became concurrently his government’s Ambassador to Washington and to Canada, posts he relinquished in February 1961. He holds the rank of Ambassador of Tunisia.

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