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Frederick Henry Boland (Ireland)

Elected President of the fifteenth session of the General Assembly

Photo of Mr. Frederick Henry Boland

Frederick Henry Boland, who today was elected President of the General Assembly, has served as Ireland's Permanent Representative to the United Nation since October 1956.

He has been Vice-Chairman of Ireland to delegation to the last four sessions of the General Assembly and has represented his country in the First (Disarmament and International Security) Committee. At the 1958 session he was elected Chairman of the Fourth (Trusteeship) committee.

Since 1929, he has been in his country’s foreign service and has represented Ireland at many International conferences, including meetings of the former League of Nations Council and Assembly.

Mr. Boland vas born in Dublin on 31 January 1904.

He vas educated at Clongowes. Wood College, Trinity College, and King’s Inn, Dublin, where he received his B.A. and LL.B. degrees. He did graduated work at Harvard, Chicago, and North Carolina Universities 1926-28 as a Rockefeller Research Fellow

Mr. Boland joined his government’s Department of External Affairs in 1929 as a third Secretary, in 1932 he vas appointed First Secretary of the Paris legation. Two years later he returned to the Department of External Affairs as head of the League of Nations section. In 1936 he served as Head of the Foreign Trade Division; Department of Industry and Commerce. In 1939 be returned to the department of External Affairs as Assistant Secretary and In 1946 he became Secretary of the Department.

He served as his country’s Ambassador in London from 1950 to 1956. Among the conferences Mr. Boland has attended as a member of the Irish delegation, Conference on the operation of Dominion Legislation, 1929; Commonwealth Economic Conference at Ottawa, 1932; Commonwealth Conference on Nationalities, London, 1947; Committee on European Economic Cooperation, Paris, 1947; and diplomatic conference, on the Council of Europe, London, 1949.

Mr. Boland was given an Honorary LL.D. degree by the University of Dublin.

He is a Knight Commander Order of St. Gregory and has a Grand Cross of the Order of the Northern Star (Sweden).

Mr. Boland is married; his wife, the former Frances Kelly, is a painter.

They have five children - a son and four daughters. The eldest daughter is married and lives In Cambridge, England.

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