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Rudecindo Ortega Masson (Chile)

President of the first and second emergency special sessions

Photo of Mr. Rudecindo Ortega Masson

Mr. Rudecindo Ortega Masson, from Chile, chaired the First and Second emergency special sessions of the General Assembly.

Mr. Ortega Masson graduated from the "Instituto Pedagógico" in 1920. He started to teach at the "Instituto Nacional" in Santiago and at the "Liceo" de Temuco, in 1923. He was National Deputy for Temuco from 1925 to 1941. He has been Member and President of the Education Commission fo the Chamber of Deputies for 10 years. He served also as a teacher at the "Insituto de Bellas Artes".

From 1938 to 1940, Mr. Ortega Masson was Minister of Education. After 1940, he has been has been National Senator for Malleco and Cautín. Hehas also served as President of the Education Commission of the Senate and President of the Convención Radical. He has been Editor for the Daily "La Mañana" de Temuco.

Mr. Ortega Masson has been a Member and an Honorary President of the "Liga de Estudiantes Pobres" de Temuco and a Member of the "Alianza de Intelectuales" and of the "Liga de los Derechos del Hombre".

Mr. Rudecindo Ortega Masson was born in Temuco (Chile).

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