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57th Session: Jan Kavan

Portrait of Mr. Jan Kavan, President of the United Nations General Assembly’s 57th session. UN Photo/Mark Garten

Jan Kavan was elected President of the United Nations General Assembly’s 57th session on 8 July 2002. At the time of his election, he was serving as a Deputy in the Czech Parliament.

Jan Kavan presided the General Assembly’s 57th session from 10 September 2002 to 15 September 2003.

On 17 July 2002, the General Assembly elected 21 Vice-Presidents for the 57th session:


Enhancement of Peace and Security

- Strengthening of the international coalition against international terrorism;

- Contributing to the prevention and resolution of conflicts.

Promoting Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development in the Accelerating Process of Globalization

- Integrated implementation of the Millennium Declaration, the Monterrey Consensus and the outcome of the World Summit for Sustainable Development;

- Broader access to information and communication technologies, namely for education, good governance and health care.

Strengthening the Role of the United Nations with Focus on:

- Better policy coherence through enhancing partnerships between the United Nations, Bretton Woods Institutions, WTO and other development partners, including private sector and civil society;

- Enhanced cooperation between the General Assembly, the Security Council and ECOSOC, as well as the Secretary General.

Reform of the United Nations

- Enhancement of the effectiveness of the work and functions of the United Nations on the basis of the Road map towards the implementation of Millennium Declaration;

- Revitalization of the General Assembly through further improvement of procedures and working methods, streamlining and clustering of agenda items and reinforcement of the role of the General Committee of the General Assembly;

- Facilitation of discussion and consensus-finding on Security Council reform.

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  • H.E. Jan Kavan, President PDF
  • H.E. Ms. Helena Opolecká, Chef de Cabinet
  • H.E. Ms. Jana Simonová, Deputy Chef de Cabinet
  • Mr. Richard Sydenham, Spokesperson
  • Mr. Josef Buzalka, Minister Councellor (Political and Security Affairs)
  • Ms. Ivana Krahulcová, Counsellor (Legal, Social, Administrative and Budgetary Affairs)
  • Mr. Petr Martinek, Councellor (Economic and Development Affairs)
  • Mr. Jan Vytopil, Councellor (Media and Public Relations)
  • Mr. Pavel Kafka, First Secretary (Economic and Development Affairs)
  • Ms. Šárka Krcálová, Second Secretary (Political and Security Affairs)
  • Ms. Katerina Sequensová, Second Secretary (Political and Security Affairs)
  • Ms. Simona Petru, Third Secretary (Legal and Social Affairs, Protocol)
  • Ms. Ranjit Jayanti, Assistant for Speechwriting and Editing
  • Ms. Katerina Pánková, Assistant
  • Ms. Antoinette Schemeelk, Assistant
  • Mr. Marvin Rey Cardenas, Assistant
  • Ms. Marisa Katz, Intern (June, July 2003)

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