Administrative and Budgetary Committee (Fifth Committee)

List of documents relating to the proposed programme budget for the biennium 2014-2015

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Foreword & Introduction

A/68/6 (Introduction)

Estimates of expenditure

PART I. Overall policy-making, direction and coordination

Section 1. Overall policymaking, direction and coordination
A/68/6 (Sect.1), A/C.5/68/13

Section 2. General Assembly and Economic and Social Council affairs and conference management
A/68/6 (Sect.2)

PART II. Political affairs

Section 3. Political affairs and special missions
A/68/6 (Sect.3)

Section 4. Disarmament
A/68/6 (Sect.4) and Corr.1

Section 5. Peacekeeping operations
A/68/6 (Sect.5) and Corr.1

Section 6. Peaceful uses of outer space
A/68/6 (Sect.6) and Corr.1

PART III. International justice and law

Section 7. International Court of Justice
A/68/6 (Sect.7) and Corr.1

Section 8. Legal affairs
A/68/6 (Sect.8)

PART IV. International cooperation for development

Section 9. Economic and social affairs
A/68/6 (Sect.9)

Section 10. Least developed countries, landlocked developing countries and small island developing States
A/68/6 (Sect.10)

Section 11. United Nations Support to the New Partnership for Africa's Development
A/68/6 (Sect.11), A/68/506, A/68/7/Add.8

Section 12. Trade and Development
A/68/6 (Sect.12)

Section 13. International Trade Centre
A/68/6 (Sect.13) and Add.1, A/68/7/Add.6

Section 14. Environment
A/68/6 (Sect.14)

Section 15. Human settlements
A/68/6 (Sect.15) and Corr.1

Section 16. International drug control, crime prevention and criminal justice
A/68/6 (Sect.16)

Section 17. UN-Women
A/68/6 (Sect.17)

PART V. Regional cooperation for development

Section 18. Economic and social development in Africa
A/68/6 (Sect.18)

Section 19. Economic and social development in Asia and the Pacific
A/68/6 (Sect.19)

Section 20. Economic and social development in Europe
A/68/6 (Sect.20)

Section 21. Economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean
A/68/6 (Sect.21)

Section 22. Economic and social development in Western Asia
A/68/6 (Sect.22) and Corr.1

Section 23. Regular programme of technical cooperation
A/68/6 (Sect.23)

PART VI. Human rights and humanitarian affairs

Section 24. Human rights
A/68/6 (Sect.24)

Section 25. International protection, durable solutions and assistance to refugees
A/68/6 (Sect.25)

Section 26. Palestine refugees
A/68/6 (Sect.26) and Corr.1

Section 27. Humanitarian assistance
A/68/6 (Sect.27) and Corr.1

PART VII. Public information

Section 28. Public information
A/68/6 (Sect.28)

PART VIII. Common support services

Section 29. Management and central support services
A/68/6 (Sect.29)

A. Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Management
A/68/6 (Sect.29A)

B. Office of Programme Planning, Budget and Accounts
A/68/6 (Sect.29B)

C. Office of Human Resources Management
A/68/6 (Sect.29C)

D. Office of Central Support Services
A/68/6 (Sect.29D)

E. Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT)
A/68/6 (Sect.29E)

F. Administration, Geneva
A/68/6 (Sect.29F)

G. Administration, Vienna
A/68/6 (Sect.29G)

H. Administration, Nairobi
A/68/6 (Sect.29H) and Corr.1

PART IX. Internal oversight

Section 30. Internal oversight
A/68/6 (Sect.30)

PART X. Jointly financed administrative activities and special expenses

Section 31. Jointly financed administrative activities
A/68/6 (Sect.31)

Section 32. Special Expenses
A/68/6 (Sect.32)

PART XI. Capital expenditures

Section 33. Construction, alteration, improvement and major maintenance
A/68/6 (Sect.33)

PART XII. Safety and security

Section 34. Safety and security
A/68/6 (Sect.34)

PART XIII. Development Account

Section 35. Development account
A/68/6 (Sect.35) and A/68/92

PART XIV. Staff assessment

Section 36. Staff assessment
A/68/6 (Sect.36)


Estimates of income

Income Section 1. Income from staff assessment
A/68/6 (Income Sect. 1)

Income Section 2. General income
A/68/6 (Income Sect. 2)

Income Section 3. Services to the public
A/68/6 (Income Sect. 3)


Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ) report on the proposed programme budget for the biennium 2014-2015 of the Secretary-General



Letter dated 22 October 2013 from the President of the General Assembly addressed to the Chair of the Fifth Committee



Additional Documents related to the proposed programme budget for the biennium 2014-2015

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