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Annual General Debate of the Committee

The Committee meets once a year for a two-week period, usually in April-May, to discuss questions relating to information.

Each session includes a general debate, following by informal consultations (informal informals) to adopt a draft resolution. This draft resolution, traditionally adopted by consensus by the Committee on the concluding day of the annual session, is further debated by the Special Political and Decolonization Committee later in the year (usually in October).

The drafts, adopted by the Special Political and Decolonization Committee become a resolution only after it is formally adopted by the General Assembly, usually in December each year.

Interactive dialogue

Traditionally, the Department of Global Communications arranges an interactive dialogue with Member States, led by the Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications and Head of the Department of Public Information. This dialogue takes place in the afternoon of the opening day of the annual session.

List of speakers

Any member of COI, including observers, can participate in the general debate and make a formal statement. Traditionally, each statement is limited to ten minutes.

Requests for inscribing on the list of speakers should be sent to the Secretariat at committeeoninformation@un.org. The list is closed following the conclusion of the opening day’s debate (before 6:00 pm).


Member States inscribed to address the session are requested to provide 20 copies (English) and 10 (any other language) of their statements for distribution during the meeting. Copies should be made in advance and delivered to the Conference Officer at the beginning of the meeting for which the speaker is inscribed.

Right of reply

In accordance with rule 115 of the Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly (A/520/Rev.15), statements in the right of reply may be accorded by the Chairperson after all speakers inscribed for that meeting have spoken. To request a right of reply, Committee members should raise nameplates to indicate their intention, and/or contact the Secretariat.

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