Mike Nkhombo Khunga - a Global Youth Advocate for Nutrition and a Vice-chair of Action Track 5 - highlights youth as important drivers of food systems during crises like COVID-19, and that their participation in nutrition and food system platforms enhances the understanding of nutrition amongst peers and beyond. He also calls for better representation of and for the voice of youth in local, national global dialogues around food systems and nutrition.


Never before has a generation been so proactive in the way we think about food and environment. As it stands young people are to inherit a planet that will be four degrees warmer, threatening the availability and nutrition quality of what they eat as well as the air they breathe. The question that has to be answered by all key players in the food systems is: how are young people involved in transforming the food system so that it becomes resilient, affordable and accessible to all?" -- Mike Nkhombo Khunga


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