Participants came together at the June 30 Gender Public Forum to discuss and exchange ideas on the importance of women’s voices and leadership within the UN Food Systems Summit process. The virtual event saw government representatives, development partners, international organizations, CSOs, and NGOs speak on how tackling gender injustice is a fundamental prerequisite for food systems transformation.


We have 70 million children born to malnourished mothers and we really cannot have something like that happening today; where women are part of the food production system but are actually malnourished themselves. We have a huge part of the women population working in the food systems that are not paid fairly, you look at the fishing sector and the agriculture sector and women are not being paid well. I am glad that part of the conversation is about a living wage for women and all people. The issue of access, land, and finance, why are we denying women access? It just doesn’t make sense. And the impact of Covid. These are all things we need to talk about.” – UN Special Envoy, Dr. Agnes Kalibata


This Public Forum included the participation of the UN Special Envoy Dr. Agnes Kalibata, the Summit's Custodian for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, Dr. Jemimah Njuki, and the Gender Leads for each of the five Action Tracks. All participants were invited to reflect on the Summit’s progress and share their thoughts and feedback.

The UN Food Systems Summit provides an opportunity to raise awareness and elevate public discussion about how reforming our food systems can help us all to achieve the SDGs by implementing reforms that are good for all people and planet.



(also available on the UNFSS YouTube channel here)