In this thought piece for All Africa, Mike Nkhombo Khunga, Scaling Up Nutrition Global Youth Leader and Vice-Chair of the Summit’s Action Track 5, highlights how youth in Africa are expressing strong readiness and passion in actively contributing to the processes of delivering solutions that transform food systems.


The next generation recognises that our future depends on functioning food systems, and at the same time, it is Africa’s youth that holds the power to deliver them. To begin with, young Africans are informed and educated, alert to the twin threats to our prosperity of malnutrition and climate change." --  Mike Nkhombo Khunga


From a young woman farmer to an indigenous climate activist, Khunga shines a spotlight on technology-savvy youth who make a powerful sector equipped to bring about change. 


Read the full thought piece by Mike Nkhombo Khunga on All Africa here.