United Nations Headquarters, Visitors' Lobby
28 April – 18 July 2016

Poor nutrition crosses economic lines and leads to health problems caused by eating too little, eating too much, or having an unbalanced diet that lacks essential nutrients for a healthy life. "We Are What We Eat” was presented to highlight the global necessity for food and agriculture practices that are adequate, secure, and safe.

This exhibition was organized by Jack Brewer, Ambassador for Peace & Sport for the U.S. Federation for Middle East Peace, in collaboration with Aaron Levi Garvey, independent curator, with support from the Permanent Mission of Grenada to the United Nations, and the New York Liaison Office of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).


Artists featured in this exhibition: Liu Bolin (China), Ed Burtynsky (Canada), Jim Draper (United States), Pepe López (Venezuela), Vik Muniz (Brazil), and Jennifer Rubell (United States).