Welcome to Voices on the Wind, marking 70 years of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).


Voices on the Wind is a virtual installation of film, audio and photography that shares different perspectives of the refugee experience. Please visit our galleries "SEE", "HEAR" and "MAKE" to glimpse a sense of what it's like to be forced to flee your home.


In a reimagined reality, refugees and storytellers use multimedia to relay their journeys of displacement and outlook on the future. “I wanted to bring these journeys to the fore through the powerful eyes of children and resilient gaze of adults. These voices are carried on the wind because the wind knows no borders or boundaries.” Maya Sanbar, exhibition curator.

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  • When UNHCR began operations in early 1951, approximately 2.1 million people came under its mandate. Today, more than 80 million people are displaced due to conflict, persecution, violence or human rights violations.
  • There are also millions of stateless people, who have been denied a nationality and lack access to basic rights such as education, health care, employment and freedom of movement.
  • Developing countries host 85% of the world’s displaced and 73% lived in countries neighbouring their country of origin.
  • Approximately 46 million IDPs made up the bulk of the world’s displaced population; many have been displaced multiple times.
  • An estimated 30–34 million - 40% of all forcibly displaced persons - are under 18 years of age.
  • More than 2/3 of the world’s refugees, or 68%, are from five countries: Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, South Sudan and Myanmar. Peace in just one of those countries could have a major impact on global displacement.

This virtual installation is created by World Frontiers Forum and Chasing the Light Studio in partnership with UNHCR and UN75.

Curated by Maya Sanbar | Edited by Amrish Shah | Produced by Xavière Masson | Associate producers Charlene Rennit and Stephanie Valente
Production assistance Milly Robinson, Shreena Shah, Damian Rayne, and Zarin Contractor

With special thanks to our sponsors: Servier BioInnovations, MassBio, Factory Berlin, Biomed Realty, and Canary Ventures