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Financial Disclosure Programme

Voluntary Public Disclosure of Financial Disclosure and Declaration of Interest statements by senior UN officials

Since 2007, both the Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General have made public their financial disclosure statements reviewed under the Financial Disclosure Programme.

While public disclosure is not a requirement of the FDP, the Secretary-General has encouraged his senior officials at the grades of Under Secretary-General and Assistant Secretary-General to follow his lead and voluntarily make public their confidential financial disclosure statements.

The Secretary-General considers public disclosure to be an important voluntary initiative as it assures the general public and Member States that UN staff members – in the discharge of their official duties – will not be influenced by any consideration associated with their private interests.

Links to the statements of those senior UN officials who have elected to participate in the Voluntary Public Disclosure initiative are available on the Secretary-General’s website at the bottom of the page under “Public Disclosures

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