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Ethics office

Education, Training and Outreach

Training and Education Initiatives

Ethics education, training, and outreach help us understand and apply the high expectations set by the UN for our everyday workplace conduct. Through training, the UN promotes ethical awareness and ethical decision-making so that we are better able to fulfil the UN’s mission. The Ethics Office supports the development and delivery of training and education initiatives undertaken by the Learning, Development and HR Services Division of OHRM and other offices.

To strengthen staff awareness of their ethical rights, duties, and obligations, in 2014 the Ethics Office launched a new online ethics training course entitled "Ethics and Integrity at the United Nations".   Available on Inspira in both French and English, the course is mandatory for all staff members.  All newly hired staff members are expected to complete the course within three months of their entry into service.   Staff members may access the course by searching "ethics" on their Inspira "My Learning" page.  A printable certificate is provided upon completion.

For categories of UN personnel other than staff members who wish to take the course, it is available via the United Nation System Staff College (UNSSC) UNKampus Portals: portals.unssc.org (new user registration required).  The Ethics Office strongly encourages all UN personnel to avail themselves of this programme.

In addition to the "Ethics and Integrity at the United Nations" on-line course, the Ethics Office works closely with OHRM and other offices to integrate ethics and integrity components into other related learning programmes, such as new staff induction, leadership and management development, performance management, and foundational supervisory skills. All programmes are reviewed regularly and feedback is closely monitored. Ethics components are added and strengthened in line with the Secretariat’s evolving needs.

The Ethics Office provides on request general or customized briefings to specific groups or individual Departments and Offices.

To contact us, please call our Helpline: +1-917-367-9858 or email us: ethicsoffice@un.org.

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